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Crone Chronicles #38(original) Primal Motion
Crone Chronicles #38(original)
Primal Motion

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Crone Chronicles - Primal Motion "Wake up! It's time for another shift." Thus begins Ann Kreilkamp's editorial for this issue of her original Crone Chronicles #38. In this issue, Ann collected stories of change, motion, and transformation; notably this is the issue in which Ann formally opened Crone Chronicles to the input of ... more info

Crone Chronicles #39(original) Mystery & Mastery
Crone Chronicles #39(original)
Mystery & Mastery

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Crone Chronicles #39 Mystery & Mastery "As a Crone, I have earned the right not to sweat the small stuff and to recognize the insignificant when I see or hear it. As a Crone, I have earned the right to forage through the ages for inspiration and set my own standards." Thus speaks Gert Beadle, who shares her experience of ... more info

Crone Chronicles #40 (original) Earth Touches Heaven
Crone Chronicles #40 (original)
Earth Touches Heaven

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Crone Chronicles #40 - Earth Touches Heaven "Horizons have always enchanted me," writes Delcie D. Light in this issue, which is dedicated to the luminous place when terra firma meets the infinite. The horizon can be a literal place, as in Delcie's elegy to the rich and endless prairie of her home in the Mandan hills of North ... more info

Crone Chronicles #41(original) Surrender
Crone Chronicles #41(original)

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Surrender Winter Solstice is a time for deep, inward contemplation and reflection, and this is the spirit behind this issue of Crone Chronicles. Editor Ann Kreilkamp begins with an examination of the idea of radical transformation through technological collapse. (Though this essay was in anticipation of Y2K, it applies equally well in ... more info

Crone Chronicles #42(original) RESURRECTION
Crone Chronicles #42(original)

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Crone Chronicles #42 - Resurrection Although it's not apparent from its title, this issue is largely centered on bodies: body image, gender relations, discoveries of the female divine and encounters with that most concrete of bodily topics: death. The pivotal piece of this issue is Julien Puzey's sacramental reflection on her encounter ... more info

Crone Chronicles #43(original) Life On Earth
Crone Chronicles #43(original)
Life On Earth

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Crone Chronicles #43 Life On Earth Looking to root in, sink down, find the grounding energy that centers your being? Then this issue of Ann Kreilkamp's original Crone Chronicles is just right for you! We begin "In Beauty May I Walk," Cynthia Dagnai-Myron's loving remembrance of her Hopi grandmothers, living in an intact ... more info

Crone Chronicles #44 Polarity & Paradox (original)
Crone Chronicles #44
Polarity & Paradox

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Crone Chronicles - Polarity & Paradox In this issue, Crone Chronicles addresses the ways in which we tend to divide up into opposing sides and battle; instead, editor Ann Kreilkamp advises taking the wider view, a more "cosmic" perspective. (It's no coincidence that Ann's editorial in this issue reveals her growing interest in UFOs and ... more info

Crone Chronicles #45(original) The Gift
Crone Chronicles #45(original)
The Gift

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The Gift Gifts come in many forms, and this issue of Crone Chronicles is no exception. “I want to See the invisible” reveals the the story of artist and psychic Lisa Elizabeth Berg who is a 4th-generation “UFO contactee” while “Living with the Third Sister” describes the experience of two sisters who both lived through breast cancer at ... more info

Crone Chronicles #46(original) The Opening
Crone Chronicles #46(original)
The Opening

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The Opening This, the final issue of Ann Kreilkamp’s Crone Chronicles, is dedicated to celebrating the magazine itself. Ann had announced the death of CC in the previous issue, and the response from the readers was profound. This issue, the last Crone magazine for seven years, gave readers over twenty pages to express their vision of ... more info

Crone #1 Women Coming of Age (download)
Crone #1
Women Coming of Age

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Digital-PDF Instant Download! Crone Magazine #1 - The Premiere Issue. With this, the premiere issue of our new journal, Crone: Women Coming of Age, we launch ourselves into the joys, perils, and transformative power of the eldering experience. This issue begins with Founder and Editor Ann Kreilkamp's normative musings on the nature of ... more info

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