SageWoman #92
Embracing Change


SageWoman #92 - Embracing Change.

In a world that often careens of balance, how do we keep ourselves centered? In this issue of SageWoman, our writers address how they have faced changing circumstances by leaning in, digging deep, and moving forward with passion, grace, and conviction.

Making Our Stand. Gathering with other women in a circle for ritual and ceremony is deeply radical and subversive: it is a revolutionary act. Molly Remers tells of how she uses woman's ritual to create a miniature version of the world we’d like to see and that we want to make possible.

Cleanse Me, Heal Me, Teach Me. "What do you associate with aging," he asked. I whispered, “Decay, lack of vitality, and death.”
"Do you fear aging?" he queried further. “Yes, greatly,” I quickly responded. A terrifying diagnosis leads Jessie Shaw to a faraway land and a journey into plant magic that will change her life forever.

Broken Open: Transformed by Trauma. My heart is sterile. My chest is angry, my body exhausted, and my feet don’t always remember where to land. Can the Great Mother restore my broken spirit? Tragedy strikes, and Theresa Curtis turns to the wisdom of the Elements and of the Goddess to find healing that seems impossible to reach on her own.

Maiden Crone. DeAnn Bell is training new witches: It was my idea to come to Barclodiad y Gawares, the Giantess’s Apron. I came partly because I like the way the name rolls like hard candy in my mouth, and partly because the path here leads past Bryn Celli Ddu. That makes two burial mounds for the price of one, and an excellent opportunity to expose my initiates to the ancestors of the land they are studying in.

Cry Me a River: Letting Go of my Mother. Brenda Lightfeather Marroy faces a challenge on the horizon for many of us: caring for her aging mother. When I find myself sinking into a black hole of sadness, the Goddess Mother reminds me of who I am, and of the important of staying present to my mother, in whatever state of being she currently is in.

On Becoming a Witchy Warrior. Rowena Green seeks to cut through the despair. The political climate has spurred me to action:
The most vulnerable people need our strength and voices; the world needs our compassion, kindness, and humanity.

Persephone: She Who Puts Change in Motion. Ritual, story, and myth from loremistress Diana L. Paxson. Of all the Greek goddesses. the one whose transformations are most clearly marked is Persephone. In a time in which we face so many changes, what can we learn from Her?

Exclusive Interview with Robin Rose Bennett
Robin practices herbalism in the Wise Woman tradition, which focuses on healing through nourishment, using plants that build and support the systems of the body that are designed by nature to help us heal ourselves. Robin has lectured across the nation and mentors and teaches herbal medicine and earth spirit wisdom through her business Wise Woman Healing Ways and has authored Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living and The Gift of Healing Herbs.

In this exclusive interview with Robin by Jamie Della, she empowers us to discover the story underneath our health challenges and helps us find the courage to make deeper connections to our bodies — and to nature Herself. Her work leads us straight to the truth of the interconnectedness of all life.

Plus wisdom from our columnists: Susun Weed offers herbal lifestyle medicine; Allison Leigh Lilly meditates on water magic; Lizann Bassham contemplates her continued journey as a new Crone; Anne Hill discusses shamanic dreamwork; Danielle Blackwood brings the perspective of astrology on our changing lives; Crystal Blanton thinks about the challenges of channeling change in directions we need; Nancy Vedder-Shults muses on the magic of divination; Leslie Linder contemplates the wisdom of bats; and Rebecca Bailey ponders the mystery of women's hair.

Plus there's more: Goddess poetry (including featured poet Andrea Nicki); reviews, women's letters in the Rattle; and Danielle Dulsky closes out this issue with a meditation on the downward spiraling road of autumn into the depths of the Root Road.

88 pages, published in October, 2017.

Table of contents in PDF format.

Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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