Witches&Pagans #33
Tarot & Divination


Witches&Pagans #33 - Tarot & Divination

There are at least three reasons to use the divinatory arts: to explore, to communicate, and to get advice. In this special issue, we explore the mysteries of Tarot, and of divination, from all three perspectives.

Articles include:

"Ask the Land: A System for Bioregional Divination." Lupa shares tips on how read your own watershed and use its gifts in divination.

"Pure Magick!" Michael Night Sky interviews Judika Illes. PLUS "5 Magical Uses for Tarot."

"A Sephirothic Odyssey: Creating the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot." Artist, tarotist, and mystic Nicola Wendrich shares her seven-year journey to create a new deck rooted in the Golden Dawn magical order.

"Reading the Leaves: A Beginner’s Guide to Tea (and Coffee)
Divination." Discover the ancient art of tea leaf and coffee grounds reading with author Morwyn (What’s Your Potion?).

"Ogham for Beginners: An Introduction to Druid Divination." Let Celtic shaman and author Danu Forest (Celtic Tree Magic, The Magical Year) draw back the curtain on the art of Druidic tree divination.

"Working with the Spirits of Change: A Pagan Guide to the I Ching." Heidi Parton describes how modern Pagans can use an ancient Taoist book of wisdom to offer uniquely sage advice for complex questions.

"78 Shades of Tarot."Author and Tarotist Janet Boyer knows from experience that there’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” card.

"My Mother’s Cards." Asa West discovers an entire missing history of American Tarot hidden in an heirloom; an old 1JJ Swiss Tarot deck.

In "Making the Everyday Witch Tarot," Deborah Blake and special guest Elisabeth Alba describe what it was like to create their new Llewellyn deck.

Diotima Mantineia ponders the meaning of divination in "What does it mean to predict the future?"

H. Byron Ballard shares her personal history in old-fashioned divination with "A knack with the cards."

Heathen author Shirl Sazynski looks at divination as a way to connect with deity in "Asking the Gods for Guidance."

Plus our regular columnists weigh in:
  • Raven Grimassi on "Tarot and the Magician"
  • Archer "The Power of the Tower (Card)"
  • Hecate Demetersdatter, "Who are the American Spirits of Place?" 
  • Jamie Wood, "The many faces of Sage"
  • Jason Mankey, "Where Goeth Paganism?"
Last, but not least, in "The Crafty Curmudgeon" Fritz Muntean & Rosa Weiss ponder the dangers of Pagan fundamentalism.

88 pages, published in December 2016.

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