Witches&Pagans #31
Arts of Magic


Witches&Pagans #31 - Arts of Magic

Dive deep into this special issue on all that is magical, with an emphasis on how spellcasting fits into modern Pagan practice.


Power to the People: Magic as a Tool for Justice
Is hexing evil? Francesca De Grandis reminds us of the long history of using magic for practical purposes: and to overcome injustice.

Upon Reflection: Harnessing Mirrors for Protection Magic
Devi Spring shares her conjure and craft techniques for protecting yourself with the power of mirror magic

Curses, Hexes, and Bad Spirits: Psychic Self-Defense in Canarian Curanderismo
Curanderismo is the tradition of physical and spiritual healing in most Spanish-speaking cultures. Carolina Gonzalez is a Curandera in the Canary Islands and Hex-Breaking is one of her most-requested services.

Post-Modern Sigilcraft
In an age of Tumblr, an ancient craft has become unexpectedly popular: the practice of making magic with nothing more than a pen and paper. Steve Shanafelt discovered its power firsthand.

Mistress of Magic: Wandering Witch Dances with Katelan Foisy
In which our intrepid reporter Natalie Zaman has several tête-à-têtes with an enchantress -- and falls just a little bit under her spell. PLUS Simple Methods to Talk to the Dead.

Interview: Experimental Magic with Taylor Ellwood.
Magician Taylor Ellwood is perhaps best known for bringing together pop culture with modern occult practice. Find out what makes Taylor tick in thisinterviewby Justin Patrick Moore.

Wisdom from our columnists: Raven Grimassi, Hekete Demetersdottir, Deborah Blake, Jamie Wood, Jason Mankey, John Michael Greer, Diotima Mantineai, H. Byron Ballard, Shirl Sazynski, Fritz Muntean and Rosa Weiss.

Including the five powers of the traditional Witch; the hidden powers of dreams; Hekate: Goddess of Magic -- and Revolution; The Power Tools of Every Witch; the Magic of Mint; Using Astrology in Your Magic; Generous Wort and Wilfull Bane; A Norse hallowing rite; and The Dangers of Pagan Fundamentalism.

As well as an interview with Australian author Jane Meredith by Lilith Cerridwyn; Pagan poetry by Diana Durham, Sarah Karasek, Greg Dotoli, Heddy Johannesen, and Sarah Wagner; short fiction “The Call of the Night,” by Melodie Bolt; and a guest editorial by John Halstead. Artwork by Matthew E Walker; Kirsti Sarmialal-Berger; and Laura Tempest Zakroff.

88 pages, published December 2015

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