SageWoman #83


SageWoman #83 - Sanctuary

This issue (originally to have been titled "Protection") took an unexpected turn to the gentle side. Turned out that what our writers showed us was that we didn't need "protection" (as in putting up our defences) as much as a place where we can lay down our weapons and open ourselves to the peace of the Goddess. What we really need right now is a place to rest, peaceful and naked as an infant, in the bosom of the Mother. We need sanctuary.

This issue is all about what it means to feel safe and secure -- in our bodies, our homes, our communities and our world. We've gathered a wide variety of articles ranging from personal reflections on finding security in a new home, to a visionary trip to Egypt; stories of creating a community Goddess temple to an examination of the burgeoning Red Tent movement. This issue we also add three new columns -- on Goddess-friendly cooking, being a fierce maiden, and moving into Cronehood. Plus a lore-rich article on the fiercely-protective Mother and Hindu Goddess Durga. 96 pages, published in December 2012.

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