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Summer Magick


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newWitch #13 - Summer Magick: Feel the Heat!

Want to use sex toys in magick? Learn the devotional power of silence? Or maybe you need a personal altar for when you are traveling? If so, you are in luck -- all three of these widely divergent topics appear in this late-summer issue of newWitch. This issue highlights offbeat and unusual topics that aren't often covered in the Wicca 101 books that everyone has already read. So if you are an adventuresome reader, you’re in luck!

We start out with a topic guaranteed to warm up any conversation: is Paganism a lifestyle/hobby or a religion? Are there rules or do we get to "make it up as we go along?" Check out our reader's divergent responses to this inflammatory question in this issue's Reader's Write section "Rant 'n Rave." If you are moving (either by choice or by chance) you'll appreciate the down-to-earth advice of the teen writer Rodyc who describes how she made a traveling altar to schlep between the houses of her (divorced) parents.

Our columnists start out the issue on a spicy note; beginning with Sheela Adrian's article, "A Pagan look at sex toys." This introductory article may bring a nice sense of spice to your practice. Or not! (It's a fun piece of writing, regardless.) If your tastes in discipline goes more in favor of the spiritual variety, Galina Krasskova's "The Magic of Silence" will be more your speed. She not only exhorts us to discover the power of silence, but offers four suggestions of how we can actually use silence to deepen our relationships to ourselves and to the Gods; while pop-culture maestro Phil Brucato shares his knowledge of Pagan webcomix and flash cartoons in his column "Chalice & Keyboard."

Next up are a trio of meaty feature articles sure to please. Michelle Belanger (author of the Psychic Vampire Codex) gives us a thorough description of the practice of meditative (often called ecstatic) dance, along with a comprehensive list of major styles of magical dance including the disciplines of bellydance, evolutionary Witchcraft, trance drumming and even moving forms of Zen meditation. For a completely different form of ecstasy, meet a quartet of Pagan minstrel men in "Emerald Rose: The Bards Just Wanna Have Fun."

Interviewer Phil Brucato enjoys his interaction with this rollicking group, and it shows in his fun-fun-fun! profile of this very popular Pagan group. Rebecca Fitzgibbon follows up with a probing profile of Australian ChAOrder magician and Baphometic avatar Orryelle Defenstrate-Bascule. Oryyelle is widely known for his culture-jamming performance magick, aimed at demolishing and transforming borders. If you like your magick esoteric and shocking, you'll appreciate his mesmerizing vibe in this interview.

Rebecca Fitzgibbon turns to a completely different side as a writer in the very next issue: "The Language of Witchery." In this careful, detailed, cool-and-clinical piece, Rebecca dissects the special vocabulary of antique and modern Witchcraft with surgical precision. Want to know your "widdenshins" from your "wyrd?" Check out this article! Another magickal tool (of a sort) is the subject of Kenaz Filan, writing about the "Magical, Mystical Phallus." Yes, this is an article on the penis! And, if you don't want to get "screwed" as an new Pagan author, you'll definitely want to read Taylor Ellwood and Lupa's advice in "So Ya Wanna Be a Pagan Author..."

Last, but hardly least, is Spell It Out, chock-ful of reviews of authors and musicians with works ranging from S J Tucker, Blackmore's Night, Dar Williams, and much more. It wouldn't be newWitch without our dueling advice columnists Good Witch/Bad Witch, and in this issue, a young witch is worried about whether her mom has become the victim of an evil warlock's spell. Find out what the ladies say about this sticky situation by reading this issue.

80 pages, originally published in September of 2006.

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