newWitch #16
Shadow Magick


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newWitch #16 - Shadow Magick
This issue journeys into the darkness of the Winter Season with a full complement of articles that focus on going boldly where angels (and many Pagans) fear to tread. On our cover is the Prince of Goth Shadow Magick: shadow magick adept Raven Digitalis. Raven talks to Kohinoor Setora about his path, penning the books "Goth Craft" and "Shadow Magick Compendium" and what he believes shadow magick is all about. Next up is an interview with musician and gypsy extraordinaire Scott Helland -- frontman of bands ranging from punk to neo-acoustic and now frontman of neo-goth-gypsy band Frenchy and the Punk.

Next up is a bold splash of water in the face of anyone of "organized" religion of any kind: Corin White's "The Only Authority You'll Ever Need." In a similar radical (even anarchistic) vein is Natalie Zaman's "Everyone's A Psychic (Yes, even you) and Lupa's in-you-face manifesto "Playing with Fire: Why Magic Isn't Safe But We Do It Anyway.) Finally, in a slightly more genteel version of this theme of self-empowerment is Shanti Fader's article "Be Your Own Fairy Godmother."

Plus: "Lapdancing for the Goddess," Phallic tools for your altar; Isaac Bonewits on the magic of masculinity; magickal role-playing and Pagan culture; a spotlight on the band Dragon Ritual Drummers; loads of reviews and, of course, the inimitable duo of Good Witch/Bad Witch.

80 pages, originally published in Winter of 2008.

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