Witches&Pagans #24
Heathen & Northern


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Witches&Pagans #24 - Heathen & Northern Traditions
Discover the mysteries of the North -- land of Gods and Goddesses, giants and valkyries -- in all its glory in this special issue. We’ve gathered more a dozen leaders of Germanic, Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon reconstructionism, Heathenism, and Northern traditions to share their perspectives.

You'll meet a musician who brings the runes alive with ancestral instruments, the publisher of the ground-breaking Heathen culture magazine Hex, a God-claimed free-range tribal shaman, an iconoclastic philosopher who embraces "positive fatalism" and an Anglo-Saxon sorcerer. Plus Who's Who and What's What in contemporary Heathenism; a guide to the Gods, Goddesses and Powers of the North; a look at the Holy Tides of the Northern calendar; and a glimpse at the Wagnerian excesses of Viking grrl rock-n-roll.

Plus our regular columnists share the power of the Stag, teach 10 steps to weaving magic into your home, lay to rest the myth of "battle-crazed" Vikings, share beeswax candle magic for winter, and much more in 96 jam-packed pages. Originally published in spring 2012.

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