SageWoman #81
Weaving the Web


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SageWoman #81 - Weaving the Web
Our 25th Anniversary Issue!

The connections between women, Goddess, and nature have never been so lovingly described as in this luminous issue. We begin "Wheels with Wheels: 30 Years of Creating Women's Culture with the Motherpeace Tarot," an exclusive interview with co-creators Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble about the amazing process of bringing the first genuinely feminist Tarot deck into being.

Next is a triplet of articles on the magic of spiders (both literal and metaphorical) including Ashling Kelly's "Spin Me a Yarn," Marilyn Steele's "Spider Woman Speaks," and tapestry weaver Savitri Bess's spiritual memoir "Glimpses of Maya, Weaver of Creation." You'll look differently at our own webs of connection when you are finished reading these heartfelt stories.

Three more meditations on finding the Goddess in the wildness that surrounds us, even in the city, make up the next layer of articles. Julie McIntyre's "In the Presence of Wilderness" is an account of how she found the Goddess of the wild as a child, lost her connection, and returned to it as an older adult woman. M.C. Reardon's learns that moving from the country to suburbia that isn't as disconnected from nature as she feared in "Lessons from Deer Woman." Priscilla Berggren-Thomas travels to Glastonbury -- but finds the Goddess in the presence of a familiar form in "Dances with Sheep," and you'll never look at a sand dollar quite the same way after reading Mary Zelinka's vivid evocation of the magic of connecting directly with the Goddess in nature, "Beach Combing."

There's so much more in this issue, too; Diana Paxson introduces us to the Norse Goddess of Weaving, Frigga; plus a new Goddess astrology column, crafting with clay, plentiful parsley, the Goddess on the Internet, and much more. 96 pages of juicy Goddess goodness.

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