Witches&Pagans #21
The Garden Issue


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Witches & Pagans #21 -"The Garden Issue"
This issue is chock full of spellwork, practical advice, and ideas for all things green, growing, and magickal. Featuring an interview with "the Garden Witch" Ellen Dugan, this edition is our greenest ever; from Pagan permaculture to gardening with the Elements, plus hardcore money magick, Wandering Witch goes the New Orleans, a look a Pagan metal rockers Icarus Witch and much, much more!

We are delighted to introduce two new columnists in this issue: Essayist Ruby Sara joins us with her Green, earthy, magical living column "Figs & Honey." Her first column is on the Lammas season magic of Bread-making.

Deborah Blake, is a up-and-coming writer of Pagan books as well as urban fantasy fiction is our second newcomer. She is writing on the topic of "Magick on a Shoestring." Lots of practical ideas for keeping your Pagan practice fun, fabulous, and thrifty! Ninety-six illustrated pages.

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