Witches&Pagans #19
Faerie Magic


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Witches & Pagans #19 - Faerie Magic
Join us on a fantastical tour of the world of Faerie with this, the premiere issue of our new magazine "Witches and Pagans." We begin with Phil Brucato's interview of fae songstress and minstrel S.J. Tucker, followed by a T. Thorn Coyle's visit with Celtic loremaster R. J. Stewart.

Then it's on to a comprehensive overview of the many worlds of Faerie in Maria Nutick's "Do You Believe in Faeries?" complete with an in-depth look at Faerie traditions, festivals, musicians and artists. If that wasn't fae enough, we offer Mara Freeman's profile of 19th century Irish Fae mystic Ella Young, Patricia Snodgras writing on the lore of the Cherokee Fae, Tess Whitehurts with magical spells for working with the Fae, Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha on Celtic Faerie lore, R. J. Stewart reports on the Fairy and Human Relations Congress, Ashleen O'Gaea writes on fairies and children, and wordsmith Craig Conley (Magic Words, A Dictionary) on the Abracadabra of Faery.

Outside of our theme focus, we have Wandering Witch Natalie Zaman's take on the world of the Renaissance and Medieval Faire, Tess Dawson on the Pagan (Canaanite) roots of monotheism, short fiction by C. S. MacCath, and columns on astro-magick, lore of the forest, Judy Harrow on the importance of disciplined attention, Galina Krasskova on celibacy as a Pagan path and Kenaz Filan on finding the gods in your hometown. Plus Good Witch/Bad Witch, a double-handful of reviews and, of course, a vigorous readers debate in the "Give & Take" letters column.

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