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Earthwise Spirituality for Today

Witches&Pagans brings you the people, places, and practice of the contemporary Pagan movement like no other magazine.

Interviews with Pagan leaders, authors, activists, artists, and musicians, as well as stories like "Pagan, Southern and Proud," "Wandering Witch Goes to The Big Easy," and "Elemental Wisdom for Your Magical Garden" connect you with our ever-evolving Pagan culture.

Our regular columns cover a wide variety of practical, down-to-earth topics including spellcasting, devotional practice, solitary (and family) spirituality, Pagan ethics and even magical living on a budget; our no-holds-barred reviews tune you into the best in Pagan music and literature (and tell you what to avoid!) while our short fiction, poetry, and letters provide plenty of Pagan-centric inspiration and entertainment in every 96-page issue.

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