SageWoman #25 (reprint)


SageWoman #25

This issue, the first under the editorship of Anne Newkirk Niven, is devoted entirely to the healing we need, the healing we do for others, and the healing we find for ourselves.

In Lora Jansson's "Rock Woman", an everyday trip to the Oregon Coast for the author (who lives with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) blooms into a revelatory dream journey in which she not only discovers healing for her illness, but for the emotional and psychic toll it has taken on her life.

A very different form of healing suffuses Spirit Singer's emotionally riveting "Healing Myself from Fundamentalism," while Silver Lee Davis, in "Dancing Beyond the Physical" discovers how rescuing a road-struck owl taught her about the passage from life into the Universe.

Erynn Darkstar profiles a little-known, but richly rewarding Celtic goddess in "Airmid of Ireland" and loremistress Diana Paxson teaches us the herstory, lore and ritual of one of the greatest of all Native Goddesses in "Nora de Guadaupe: Great Mother of the Americas."

DeAnna Alba offers a contrary opinion in her columns about why witches don't always heal; Jan Williams shares recipes for a healing herbal home spa, Laura Janesdaughter and Judith Tolley share pages from their Crone's Book of Shadows, Lunaea Weatherstone reveals her legendary recipe for healing chicken soup (with vegan options) and we end this issue with the hard-hitting, yet transformative "Breaking the Chains: A Ritual for Survivors of Abuse."

If you need healing (and who among us doesn't!) you'll surely find it in this 64-page issue, published in the Spring of 1994.

64 illustrated pages, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven.

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