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Women Coming of Age


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Crone Magazine #1 - The Premiere Issue.

With this, the premiere issue of our new journal, Crone: Women Coming of Age, we launch ourselves into the joys, perils, and transformative power of the eldering experience. This issue begins with Founder and Editor Ann Kreilkamp's normative musings on the nature of Cronehood, followed by an interview with groundbreaking feminist and publisher Jean Mountaingrove, taking place in her woman-space community in Southern Oregon.

We then plum the depths (and heights) of the dying process with "Ocean Surrenders to Cloud" which details the experience of former Crone Chronicles author Julien Puzey. We then profile the amazingly vital folk musician Faith Petric, explore stories of grandmother wisdom, the power of Baba Yaga, and plunge into the perils of elder dating in "Hot Tub of My Fate." We celebrate the San Diego crone circle "Women of Ancient Wisdom", muse on the nature of "What is Your Sacred Ground?" and feature Jean Shinola Bolen's stirring call to action "Urgent Message from Mother."

Our thirteen (count 'em!) columnists cover the range of topics we can all relate to, from elder health to sex to relationships with younger family members and much, much more. Add nine pages of reviews of books of special interest to crones, and you end up with 128-packed, ad-free pages of wisdom, storytelling, and community.

128 ad-free illustrated pages, edited by Ann Kreilkamp and Anne Newkirk Niven, released in December 2008.

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