Crone #2
Crone Archetypes


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Crone #2 - Crone Archetypes
With this, the second issue of Crone: Women Coming of Age, we continue our journey into the ongoing story of croning ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. This issue has a special focus on community and relationships and how we consciously (or unconsciously) find those connections which are most meaningful to us.

We begin with "Mission: Crone" an examination of the collaborative process of creating the "Crone: Women Coming of Age" statement of purpose which adorns our masthead. It was a surprisingly active and energetic discussion — encompassing and exploring how we wish to present Crone to the world. We then move from the theoretical to the physical with author Susan Chernak McElroy (Animals as Teachers and Healers) examination of the trials, terrors, and triumphs of romantic love past fifty in "The Whole Catastrophe."

Susan Ann Stauffer brings us a look at one of the most exciting communities in eldering culture: the annual gathering of women of age known as Crones Counsel. Once a fledgling concept of a handful of people, Crones Counsel is now a venerable (yet still vital) institution which brings together a community of eldering women. Our comprehensive overview discusses the purpose, history, and format of Crones Counsel as well as featuring the wit and wisdom of Crones Counsel participants. Plus a special discussion of a startling display of Crone power at last years's Seattle Crones Counsel XVI.

Contributors to our seven departments share the wide range of Crone issues and experience. We begin with Crone Poetry, then move on to three meditations on change, grief, and exploration in the "Loss and Transformation" department. The living experience of Croning women is featured in the three articles of "Crone Lives" including an experiment in communal living, an adventure in caretaking on the North Shore of Massachusetts, and dealing with the rapid pace of post-modern transformation in Ann Kreilkamp's essay "Shaped by the Winds of Change."

How we see ourselves vis-a-vis the Crone archetype is the topic of the Crone Encounters Department, including wrestling with becoming an Elder among Elders in Jean Cassidy's "Hecate, the World Tree, and Me."

The Santa Cruz Area Crone Group is the focus of this issue's "Crone Circles" department, while the Crone Pilgrimage department features a voyage into relationship, care-giving, and loss in Linda Strever's "Visiting Lois after Her Diagnosis."

Our nine columnists cover the range of topics we can all relate to, from elder health to sex to our new column "Creature Comforts" on the relationship between Crones and their companion animals. Add ten pages of reviews of books of special interest to crones, four pages of crone responses to issue 1, and you end up with 128-packed, ad-free pages of wisdom, storytelling, and community.

Edited by Ann Kreilkamp, designed by Anne Newkirk Niven, released in August, 2009.

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