Crone Chronicles #46(original)
The Opening


The Opening

This, the final issue of Ann Kreilkamp’s Crone Chronicles, is dedicated to celebrating the magazine itself. Ann had announced the death of CC in the previous issue, and the response from the readers was profound.

This issue, the last Crone magazine for seven years, gave readers over twenty pages to express their vision of Crone, and what the magazine had meant to them.

The issue also contains essay on radical opening, “Let Us Ride the Great Black Bird,” “DNA activation,” “Just Say Yes” — an interview with political activist and writer Gael Summer, “My Menopause” by Annis Pratt; and the poignant essay of companion animal love and responsibility “Putting Goldie to Sleep.” Also Crone take on E.T.’s, Raven Reviews, A Crone Manifesto and much more.

84 illustrated pages, edited by Ann Kreilkamp, released in Spring Equinox 2001.

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