Crone Chronicles #40 (original)
Earth Touches Heaven


Crone Chronicles #40 - Earth Touches Heaven

"Horizons have always enchanted me," writes Delcie D. Light in this issue, which is dedicated to the luminous place when terra firma meets the infinite. The horizon can be a literal place, as in Delcie's elegy to the rich and endless prairie of her home in the Mandan hills of North Dakota. Or the boundaries that melt into nothingness can be those between this world and the world of the fae, as told by Charlotte Rickett in "Meeting Hulder: A True Story" and Beadrin Youngdah in "The Starlight Divas."

Reaching past the terrestrial, touching the ineffable, is also the task of the artist, as amply demonstrated by the profile of Lavelle Foos, a crone redwood sculpter and coppersmith, and of the activist, as revealed in a startling interview with Canadian feminist poet and rabble-rouser Mary Billy. Envisioning beyond the known is the self-appointed task of the writer, feminist and myth-maker Barbara G. Walker, whom we interview in this issue on subjects ranging from Noah's ark to the future of Goddess spirituality.

Julien Puzey continues to probe the edges of another ultimate barrier, in her essay "Living with Cancer." All this plus honoring creative crones, a ceremony to a Great Oak Mother, Crones in Action at the Nevada Test Site, and much more.

84 illustrated pages, edited and published by Ann Kreilkamp at the Autumn Equinox of 1999.

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