Crone Chronicles #34(original)
In the Beginning


In the Beginning
This issue of Crone Chronicles explores the concept of creation: how we find the spark to expand, explode, and explore -- by going back to our roots and discovering where we have come from. This creative tension between the future and the past pervades the issue, beginning with editor Ann Kreilkamp's examination of her Teutonic roots in the introductory article "Well? Are You Coming?" and ending with long-term contributor Carol Rosin's final installment in her series on the militarization of spaceflight. In between is a potpourri of wit, wisdom, and remarkable honesty -- all marks of crone consciousness.

Phyllis S. Clifton's "Incubating Crone" examines her long journey towards the mystery of the third face of the Triple Goddess, and concludes the the Crone is the destroyer of old patterns and hence the liberator of new beginnings. This theme is taken up by natural philosopher Helena Hudson in "The Egg." Hudson traces her personal initiation from a meeting with a Hispanic bruja who used an egg as a tool of divination, and explores the mystic symbology of the egg into dream journeys, meditations, an egg altar and egg ceremony. A perfect article for Spring Equinox!

We next jump to "Inside the Ashram" an interview with Carol Mersereau, a former devotee of the controversial Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Carol reveals how the seeds of both enlightenment and shadow were part of the community from its genesis and how she experienced her own personal transformation in the process of entering, participating in, and finally, leaving the commune. A fascinating look inside the world of enlight/darkenment.

Examining the genesis of healthy rage, Marianne Brown writes of her experience with the Dark/Crone goddess in "Sophia Hagia Kali Ma", while Susan Marsh remembers "My Grandmother's Name." Vignettes of crone consciousness by C.J. Golden, Julie Gonzales-Corbin, Cathy Smith and Marilyn Weiss round out the feature section. Columns include "Old Wives Tales" (sharing our folk wisdom), "Coming into Crone," "Road Crone," "Country Crone," "Living Well" (with an article on chocolate as sacred ritual), "Roots Remembered" (on mustard pickles) and reflections on Crones Counsel V. Plus Raven Reviews, Crone classifieds, and lots more.

80 illustrated pages, edited by Ann Kreilkamp, released in Spring Equinox 1998.

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