Crone Chronicles #25(original)



There's so much richness in this issue that it's hard to pick out just a few stories to describe. Highlights include: Sallee Wade's visionary encounter with Crone detailed in "Winterwoman: the Fourth Season of the Wild Feminine"; Bonnie Kreps' wry and wise "Embracing My Undertoad: On Empowerment and Angst," and the amazing retrospective "On Being a Woman and a Mother: Looking Back, Looking Forward" by Ann Emerson; and Dianna Brennan's lyrical memoir "My Ancestors, My Self."

Honestly, I've just touched the surface; this theme has brought to the surface some of the finest writing the Crone Chronicles ever published.

68 pages, published at Winter Solstice of 1995. pages, edited by Ann Kreilkamp, released in Winter Solstice 1995-96.

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