Crone Chronicles #24(original)
Soul & Money


Crone Chronicles #24 - Soul & Money

This hard-hitting issue of Ann Kreilkamp’s classic Crone Chronicles pulls no punches: money is good and useful only if it is doing work convergent with our spirit.

This issue is jam-packed with stories of women coming to more conscious relationships with money as energy. This issue includes: "Coping with Loss: Gifts from the Fire," in which women's spirituality pioneer Elinor Gadon tells about her process in accepting the loss of her beloved home in the Berkeley hills; “Living Like A River," an interview global activist and author Fran Peavey; and "How to Marry A Millionaire," in which Ann Crenshaw relates her story about being a rich man's trophy wife — and the cost to her soul.

Plus stories of coping with financial loss, learning to burn down beneath (false) pride and accept help from others; and searching for healing from anxiety over finances. This uplifting issue is as meaningful today (perhaps more so!) as it was when it was published in the autumn of 1995. 60 pages.

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