Crone Chronicles #18
Welcoming the Light


Crone Chronicle #1 - Welcoming the Light

Be Ye Light!

This luminous issue highlights the beginning days of the Crone movement, including a lengthy report on the very first Crones Counsel (in Salt Lake City in 1993) that illuminates how the chaos and energy of the Crone erupted among women of "a certain age" who wanted to age consciously and in the full light of day, not forgotten in the backroom of modern culture. Lots of energy here!

Light and consciousness is another major theme in this issue. Articles that explore the expansion of our souls as we begin our approach to mortality, including "The Mystery of Light," "The Wisdom in the Shadows," and "Fear is a Darkness." In "Be Ye Light" we interview interfaith minister Marcia Sutton, who seeks to draw the threads of wisdom from a variety of traditions to form a cohesive and welcoming spirituality for all.

Speaking of bridging between worlds, Diana Vilas' meditates on how to find a Goddess meaning to the "holiday" season of Winter Solstice while midwife Lil Hauze discovers a new calling in hospice work as she learns how much her work helping the dying echoes what she's learned as a midwife bringing in newborns to the world. A rich, complex, 48-page issue published at Winter Solstice in 1993.

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