SageWoman #29 (reprint)
Friends and Companions


SageWoman #29 - Friends and Companions

Ever like to sit down with your friends and a cuppa (tea, cocoa, your choice) and just let it all hang out? This issue of SageWoman is a lot like that relaxed, empathic, inspiring and above all, full of companionship. Many of these stories are bittersweet; it seems that we appreciate our friendships most when those we love pass on. We begin with "The Ace of Wands" by Kathy Burns, (illustrated by the incomparable Joanna Powell Colbert) in which two best friends experience the trials and transformations that come from a lifetime of learning, growing and sharing together.

Next comes "Comforted by Orion" Elinor McCarthy's short remembrance of her special relationship with her younger brother. Crone Magazine editor (and SageWoman columnist) Ann Kreilkamp's essay "Personal Processing: Learning from Experience" discusses the processes inherent in women's friendship, with special attention to how we women balance our attentions between the men we love and the women we befriend. "Women with Wings," Nancy Week's essay, furthers this analysis by looking at how our friendships with one another form important links in our networks of support.

Moving into the non-human world, Lisa Severn describes her friendships with her favorite houseplants in "The Prayer Plant" and in "A Flurry of Friends" SageWoman readers describe the multiplicity and magic of their relationships with animal companions ranging from frogs to cats to pigeons and more; finally, noted magician and author Marion Weinstein shares her wisdom in "Reincarnation in Pets and Familiars. In an ongoing series on the School of the Seasons, Waverly Fitzgerald brings us the magick of Spring while Diana Paxson shares the lore of "Isis of the Ships." Plus columns by De-Anna Alba (writing on groups and covens), Jan Williams (on sowing a Sacred Garden), Maria Starfire (on croning and menopause) and Lunaea Weatherstone (on the magick of Aphrodite). Plus rituals for Spring Equinox, Spring Housecleaning, Promoting Community and founding a Council of Mothers.

A rich, overflowing issue. 80 pages, edited and published by Anne Newkirk Niven in spring of 1995.

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