SageWoman #34 (reprint)
Loving Partners


SageWoman #34 - Loving Partners

How can we be intimate with one another? Trust, dependency, relationships, sexuality: all of these highly charged topics are expressed in this SageWoman issue. We begin with Katherine Torres' compassionate examination of "The Circle of Life: Self-realization, interdependence and relationship" and then move right into May Cotton's probing reflection on myth (vs. reality), as well as sharing her hard-earned wisdom in "The Truth about Prince Charming."

On another note entirely, the next article is Diane Mariechild and Marcelina Martin's tender and moving photo essay celebrating "Lesbian Sacred Sexuality." Robin Carneen describes the dance of courtship in "A Bead is Strung for Coyote," while Kathy Larsen shares a playful dance with "Sex Magic: Sacrament of the Goddess." Our columns include Barbara Ardinger's "Seasons of Light and Darkness: Summer", Patricia Worth writing on "Inanna: Goddess of Transformative Relationship", DeAnna Alba discussing Solitary practice in "The Cauldron of Changes", and Jan Williams herb column on sex and fertility magic. Ann Kreilkamp discusses her four marriages (and what each one taught her) in her column "Crone Eyes, Crone Heart", while Carol Christ reflects on the changing roles of the sexes, as well as on not having a "loving partner" in "The Serpentine Path."

Rounding out the issue, Elizabeth Barrette's column "Into the Green" describes the basic tools of Witchcraft, several rituals in "A Circle is Cast" range from an exercise to keep love alive in relationship to an umbilical cord ritual and a Quarter calling for the Element of Water; plus there's lots of reviews and a long and boisterous discussion of love, sex, and much more in the Rattle.

84 pages, published in the summer of 1996. Newly available as a reprint, this issue has been out-of-print for over a decade.

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