SageWoman #60
Grounding & Centering


SageWoman #60 - Grounding & Centering

What could be a better antidote to our overwrought, anxious, hyperactive times than getting grounded and centered? Rooted into a safe place, protected by the Goddess, nurtured, and content. Sounds wonderful, doesn‘t it?

But grounding isn’t so much about finding a cosmic Mommy to dump our problems onto as about opening up a path for balancing our energy (and that of the universe) and transforming ourselves. Transforming our perceptions through simple mindfulness is the subject of Anastacia Compton‘s essay "Grounding in the Flow of Time" while Lori Brady takes on the challenge of learning to cope with chronic pain in "Dancing with Fire."

It's not often that a Goddess reaches out and says, "I walk to talk to you," but that's the experience described in amusing (and revelatory) detail in "Manifesting Hecate." Barbara Fisher describes the healing transformation a different revelation — in her garden, no less — in "Hope Has Green Leaves" while Lee Pelham Cotton finding writing itself to be a grounding experience in "Coming Down to Earth so I might touch the Sky" and Ari Delmont finds salvation from depression through climbing (literal) cliffs in "Lead me to the Wild."

Lorespinner and priestess Diana Paxson shares the wisdom of the oak tree, the pillar, and the sacred Goddess tradition of the pre-Christian Canaanites in "Asherah: the Tree of Life." Linda Ledbetter brings us the homey goodness of winter baking in the Enchanted Kitchen, Susun Weed shares herbal wound remedies, Mary Seger writes about healing IBS naturally.

Lunaea Weatherstone shares ways of making your home the center of your spiritual practice, and Carol Christ writes about how "grounding and centering" is essentially a physical process, not just in our heads. Stephanie Rose Bird offers practical suggestions for candle magic (an essential part of celebrations of Candlemas/Brigid, the major holiday of February.) Plus Joanna Powell Colbert on doing tarot without consulting a book, and Waverly Fitzgerald shares the mystery and magic of Candlemas. Plus a double-handful of rituals and exercises for grounding, centering and anchoring.

96 pages jam-packed with ideas, sharing, community and Goddess magick. Published Winter Solstice, 2003.

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