SageWoman #54 (rare)
Peace & Power


SageWoman #54
Peace & Power

"Peace is deeply connected to power; what we need is not a common enemy but a recognition of our common love."

Eschewing both "in-your-face" activism and "inner peace" narcissism, this issue of SageWoman advocates for discovering our authentic power to be peacemakers in a world that seems to justify only anxiety and disempowerment.

We begin with three stories of facing (and healing from) violence through courage and compassion. In "Finding Peace in a Precarious World," Denise Brown tells of her healing journey as a young widow; Meg Billings finds healing from her own personal tragedy in the story of Kannon (also known as Kwan-Yin) in "Healing in the Temple of Kannon-sama," and Elizabeth Simson, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, reaffirms her connection with the feminine divine in "Goddess Gifts."

How do we create a safe space for ourselves even if life sends us trouble and sorrow? Sallie Bingham shares one answer through the serenity of accepting what is in her essay "Whole," while Leni Austine (a rape crisis self-defense trainer) offers an entirely different one (empowerment through embracing the warrior path) in "Victim No More: Moving from Fear to Power." Ritual tools for this process are offered by Lady Moondance in "Reclaim Your Power (and Find Inner Peace, Too)", while "Re-Imagining: Creating Communities of Peace and Justice" advocates for both toleration and stepping beyond boundaries as the author, Judith Lyon, finds connections with progressive Christians in interfaith work.

Our columnist continue finding the bridge between peace and power in their offerings in this issue. Kuan Yin, a goddess to Buddhists around the world, as well as to many Goddess worshippers and neo-Pagans, is profiled in detail by Diana Paxson in "Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion." Linda Ledbetter offers peaceful (that is to say, cooling and refreshing) food for summer dining; Susun Weed shares "What to Do When Your Love Has Left You;" Lunaea Weatherstone writes about bedtime prayers (or, if you prefer, guided mediations); Carol Christ forcefully expounds on the revolutionary heritage of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas; Joanna Powell Colbert describes an ecstatic kayak journey on the Skagit River and Waverly Fitzgerald describes the importance of the summertime quality of willpower. Plus rituals for transforming sisterhood, summoning serenity, and welcoming Yemaya. Plus readers respond in the Rattle, reviews, poetry, luscious artwork and much more.

96 pages, published in Summer, 2001.

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