SageWoman #52 (rare)
The Goddess & Food


SageWoman #52
The Goddess & Food

We begin with Ashling Kelly's simply marvelous paen to the joys of food "Bringing the Magic Home: The Simple Art of Kitchen Witchery" which I guarantee will give the most apathetic cook inspiration to heat up the stove.

Next, Belinda Ashley considers the importance of gratitude and offers several mealtime prayers in "Sacred Sister, Sacred Brother: Thoughts on Giving Thanks." In a more reflective vein, Mary Elizabeth McEntee offers her personal perspective on a particular food in "My Journey with Quince" (complete with a recipe for Quince and Figs in Rosť Wine. Yum!

Theresa Dintino and Donna Henes offer dualing perspectives on the Pagan roots of wheat, baking and bread in "The Transformative Bread Goddess" and " "Staff of Life: Goddess Herstory of Bread" while Kathy Ainsley celebrates Aphrodite's favorite foods in "Cooking with Roses."

Laura Brennan explores the reasons why we Pagans should enjoy cooking as a religious experience in "Welcoming Desire: Celebrating the Sensual Kitchen" and Diana Paxson digs deep into the mythology and legend of that greatest of all earthly cooks in "Gaia: The Goddess Earth."

This issue also includes "The Enchanted Kitchen", Susun Weeds "Gifts from the Land," Carol Christ on Ronald Hutton's seminal work on neo-Pagan religion "The Triumph of the Moon," and Waverly Fitzgerald's magical, mystical invented winter tradition of baking thirteen different kinds of holiday cookies, cookie runes, Twelfth Night Cake and New Year's Feasts.

96 pages illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released the Winter of 2000.

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