SageWoman #20 (reprint)
Element of Water


SageWoman #20
Element of Water

This issue celebrated SageWoman's fifth year of publishing, and it is a wonderous issue. The Element of Water corresponds with the direction of West, and the Realm of emotion and the heart, and, by association, with more of that wonderful lunar magic that SageWoman so often celebrates. Laurel Sager's "Woman and Sea" starts off the issue, and is followed by one of Lunaea's finest articles "The Goddess and the Grail." Then there are articles on moon-time journaling and magic, sirens, the unconscious, and a triptych of Goddess features: on compassionate Kuan Yin, mystical Psyche, and, of course, Mary, Star of the Sea. Complete the magical mix with healing ritual baths, water rituals, an examination of the Tarot suit of Cups and a Frigga Love Anointing, and this cauldron is full to overflowing with women's special magic.

64 illustrated pages, published by Anne Newkirk Niven, edited by Lunaea Weatherstone in fall of 1992.

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