SageWoman #11 (reprint)
Triple Goddess


SageWoman #11
Triple Goddess

This is almost a small book; packed to overflowing with wisdom about the classic three-fold Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. The issue begins with an interview of each: Bethany Martin, a 10-year-old maiden, Judy Tolly, a childfree mother; and Frankie Haller, a feisty, energetic crone. This richness continues in such articles as "The Goddess Year" by Shekinah Mountainwater, "On Becoming a Mother Goddess" by Anne Newkirk Niven; "Invocation and Rite of Hecate" by Gerina Dunwich, "A Rite Dedicated to Kali" by Kehp Sherah and a lovely triptych of articles on honoring the ancestors. Also a robust book review section, and the first of DeAnna Alba's column "De-Anna's Cauldron" this one on honoring the Crone which sparked a controversy in the Rattle (in following issues) about animal rights and feminism. 64 illustrated pages, edited and published by Lunaea Weatherstone, Autumn/Winter 1989.

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