PanGaia #42
Celtic Spirituality


PanGaia #42 - Celtic Spirituality
Celtic-inspired spirituality is one of the most popular threads in contemporary Paganism, and in this issue we explore the special magic of this place-based mystical path. Among the many questions to be addressed include "What does it mean to be a Celt?" We addressed this very question to three Celtic-influenced Pagan authors Isaac Bonewits, R J Stewart, and Jhenah Telyndru in our cover interview.

Arch-Druid John Michael Greer and Donnacha Macodhagain both take on the tangled knot of "Celtic" spirituality from different perspectives, Greer arguing that Druidry is a modern Path that is not logically tied to a specific location and Macodhagain that non-Celts should look to the spirit of the land they inhabit instead of a mystical (and likely, mythical) Celtic homeland. Ecletic Pagan Burdock leads us on a journey to a Neolithic henge site in Wales, while Mara Freeman ponders the place of women and nature in the Celtic imagination.

In other articles, our readers discuss whether polyamory has a place in Pagan culture, the need for "faith-based" charities in our faith communities, and the sacred symbol of the spiral, plus there's short fiction "The Karma of Wasps" by Patricia Snodgrass, R.J. Stewart on the "fake" Celtic revival (he's against it); Christina Eisenberg on the magic of animism; Gaian tarotist Joanna Powell Colbert on the "High Priestess" card; Judy Harrow on the Shadow in magic; and Archer on modern Witch Hunts in Africa and beyond.

Plus continued debate (sparked by an earlier Toe to Toe article on the topic) about whether Pagans should have children or abstain from reproducing; reviews, Pagan poetry and much more.

80 pages, originally published in Fall of 2005.

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