PanGaia #30
Hearth and Home


PanGaia #30 - Hearth and Home
In an eco-pagan vein, see the results when Joanna Powell Colbert and her spouse took on their dream project in "We Built Our Own House: Made of Straw" and celebrate the blessing of nature's soundscape in Steve Perrin's lyrical article "Primal Silence." Gaia's influence is felt in "The Science and Magic of Earth" (4th in our five-part series on the Elements) and in Dagonet and a family ritual for celebrating "Imbolc: the Heart of the Fire."

The earthy, practical tone of the issue continues with "The Megalithic Revival", "Field of Dreams: The Agro-Art of Whitney Krueger", R.J.Stewart's "A Faery Ceremony of Reconciliation," reviews of several Gaian books on straw bale building, saving medicinal herbs, building healthy homes, and much more.

Plus the bonus section "A Pagan Response to September 11" which provides a revealing look back at the reactions of Pagan leaders to the 911 event, and "Does Gaia Really Care?" an editorial on the same topic by SageWoman and Witches & Pagans editor Anne Newkirk Niven.

80 pages, edited by Elizabeth Barrette and released December of 2001.

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