PanGaia #17
Paganism Down Under


PanGaia #17 - Paganism Down Under
South of the Border: A Magical Journey in Central America · Path of the Peyoteros: The Huichol Pilgrimage to Wirictua · The Chocolate Ritual · Mayan Echo Odyssey: Creating a Sustainable Vacation · Mundane Magic: Latin America's Mysteries · Mother Shadow, Sister Shade: Ancestor Worship for Today's Pagans · Dancing Naked in the Moonlight: Pagan Fiction by Valencia Bathe · Living in the Dreamtime: The Spiritual Culture of the Australian Aborigines · The Ghost in the Machine: Spirituality & Physics · A Southern Hemisphere Journey: What It Means to Be Pagan in New Zealand · Toe to Toe: Is Cloning Ethical? · Seasons of the Earth: Autumn, Twilight of the Year · EarthMother Stories: Pandora's Box · Family Living: Honoring Our Ancestors · What's Up?: Different Cultures, Same Constellations · Rental Goddess: Pagan Comics · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Diane Conne Darling. Published in Autumn 1998.

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