Crone Chronicles #41(original)



Winter Solstice is a time for deep, inward contemplation and reflection, and this is the spirit behind this issue of Crone Chronicles. Editor Ann Kreilkamp begins with an examination of the idea of radical transformation through technological collapse. (Though this essay was in anticipation of Y2K, it applies equally well in this era of Climate Change and post-Peak Oil).

Next is a fascinating and in-depth interview with Jerri Lyons, founder of the Natural Death Care Project, ( whose mission it is to "reintroduce the idea of home funeral as a part of family life and de-industrialize death." Ann Kreilkamp speaks with Jerri about overcoming our cultural taboos around death, as well as how caring for our dead loved ones dissolves fear, grief, and reinforces family connections.

From a different (but related) point of view, Marcia Starck's essay "My Second Saturn Return" describes her unexpected surrender to forces that seemed poised to destroy her -- but instead, led to self-discovery and transformation.

Ariel's "The Spiral Genesis of Surrender" will appeal especially strongly to Goddess worshippers; as a Goddess priestess Ariel shares the channelled transmissions she has received from the Great Goddess on subjects ranging from initiation, vulnerability, and the sacramental mystery at the heart of becoming a crone.

Continuing feature writer and peace-in-space advocate Carol Rosin continues to share her vision of the ongoing transformation of the military in space; while Z Budapest shares her personal vision of becoming a Crone in "Crone Genesis." Plus "How to Plant a Strawberry Jar," "The Dancing Dog", "The Vision: A Feminist Myth," "Peace Button," and much, much more.

84 pages, edited and published by Ann Kreilkamp in Winter of 1999.

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