Crone Chronicles #45(original)
The Gift


The Gift

Gifts come in many forms, and this issue of Crone Chronicles is no exception. “I want to See the invisible” reveals the the story of artist and psychic Lisa Elizabeth Berg who is a 4th-generation “UFO contactee” while “Living with the Third Sister” describes the experience of two sisters who both lived through breast cancer at the same time.

In “DNA Activation or Mind Control” Kay Barnsdahl journals a story which seems pulled directly out of the (current) plotline of Heroes — but which really happened to her. Vita Laumé shares the “Gifts of Grief”, and Julien Puzey describes the strange country of cancer with devastating clarity. (Julien is the subject of “Ocean Surrenders to Cloud”, a major article in issue 1 of the resurrected Crone magazine) in “Cancer and The Truth: Beyond Survival.)

On a lighter side, in “A Change of Heart” Hilary Leidolf Lohrman describes how she thought she had a heart problem — until she realized she was only experiencing perimenopause. Plus more from Dr. Carol Rosin on the uses (and abuses) of outer space.

84 illustrated pages, edited by Ann Kreilkamp, released in Winter Solstice 2001.

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