Crone Chronicles #35(original)
Ego & Essence


Ego & Essence

Editor Ann Kreilkamp inquires, dissects, and penetrates the astrological essence of the United States in “Sex, Lies, and Pluto Penetration” while Moss Wiseblood opens the spiral of herself through mask creation in “Council of My Being.”

77-year-old Alta Happ Wertz looks back on a magical midlife journey in “The Vision Quest” while we learn the art of creating visionary tribal masks from Dylan Gaffney in “Mask Making: Creative Access to Personal Mythology.”

An interview with author Joan Ohanneson describes the herstory and visionary life of Hildegard of Bingen while gift-economy pioneer Genevieve Vaughan opens us to the new ides of an economy based on plentitude, not scarcity: an economy which, she believes, could change the world. Plus crone letters, reviews, crone tracks and much more. 84 illustrated pages, edited by Ann Kreilkamp, released in Summer Solstice 1998.

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