Crone Chronicles #32(original)


This controversial issue of Ann Kreilkamp's original Crone Chronicles launched a controversy which eventually engulfed the magazine: was there a place in the Crone movement for men?

Featuring an editorial by co-publisher (Ann's beloved life partner Jeffrey Joel) as well as numerous submissions by male-gendered contributors, this issue is a departure from CC's previously all-female contributor's policy. Male contributors aside, this issue addresses the issues of gender identity and sexual politics from a thoroughly unique and elder-friendly perspective.

We begin (as mentioned above) with Jeffrey Joel's musings on the split between Male and Female, and the necessity of reconciliation between (as he puts it) "these two Ways of Being." The issue then plunges into an more intense examination of these issues with Ann Kreilkamp's introductory (and intensely self-revelatory) piece "Healing Begins within Me."

Next, two parallel articles "Where Has Our Mother Gone?" and "From the Universe of Mother to the Universe of Goddess" examine how parental roles of both mother and father influence our vision of the Ultimate Reality. Then, in "My Search for Healing" David Holmes describes one man's story within herstory.

This issue steadfastly refuses to be confined to a narrow topic and the concept of breaking out of defined boundaries also suffuses the article "Transcrone Power!" in which long-time CC contributor Carol Rosin interviews transgender male-to-female self-identified crone Amara Angelica. Among the topics they discuss in the wide-ranging interview are "Why men are so boring," "Letting go of patriarchal armoring" and "Bringing back the transformed shaman."

Also full of vigorous and challenging transformative energy is Ann Kreilkamp's "Surrender to Sekhmet," an outrageous and tumultuous interview with feminist performance artist Cynthia Brown. Also challenging (and transformative) is Ann's interview with therapist Candice Everett "Sitting in Our Stuff: From Animosity to Animus."

More traditional "Crone" material completes the remainder of this unusual issue, with writers contributing "The Gift of Years," "Edythe's Croning," "Death is My Friend," and much, much more. 84 pages, published by Ann Kreilkamp in Autumn of 1997.

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