Crone Chronicles #31(original)
Power & Presence


Power & Presence
This is a very passionate issue, concentrating on how we, as eldering women, can overcome our self-doubt and learne to engage with our own personal power. In a world in which our very presence is downplayed and pushed aside, experiencing our dignity and gravitas is a remarkable and transformative experience.

The first article, "Meeting Sekhmet" by editor Ann Kreilkamp, gets right to the point in describing Ann's own experience with the lion-headed Goddess of the Desert, during a journey of death and resurrection in the Goddess' home in Egypt.

Marian Van Eyk McCain (a frequent contributor to Crone magazine and editor of writes of changes in her life and how she found a new quality of energy and engagement with life in "The Other Side of the Mountain: Life After Menopause." Jeanne Hardy describes her connection to a deeper spiritual reality through Reiki in "Practice of the Presence: A Spiritual Life."

Julien Puzey shares the intensity -- and eventual acceptance -- that came from her presence with her mother during her final days in a nursing home in "Nesting Woman: My Dying Mother's Gift." In "Coming Full Circle," Maggie Kraushaar describes a special friendship that is transformed when her best friend arrives for a visit after a stroke leaves her blind.

Noelie Lemire Houle, whose puckish visage peers out from the cover of this issue, credited drinking goat milk with curing her arthritis and thus started her goat-loving lifestyle. Noelie is profiled by portrait artist and writer Jane Bregoli in "The Goat Lady." Mystic Lois Bartlett Tracy shares her remarkable life as an visionary artist in "Sparkles, Everywhere!" and the idea of a fourth face of the Goddess is broached in "Cronetroversy: Maiden, Mother, Matriarch & Crone."

Plus croning ceremonies, Carol Rosin, and a double handful of short stories of elder women finding their voices. 68 powerful pages to ignite your own Presence in the world. Published in Summer of 1997.

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