Crone Chronicles #30(original)


Crone Chronicles #30 - Emergence/Emergency

Is aging a process of inevitable decline or the opportunity for a creative burst of transformative energy? Or both? In this issue of Ann Kreilkamp's original "Crone Chronicles", we examine the question of how the process of becoming crone can be a catalyst -- for suffering, redemption, renewal and rebirth.

We begin our journey with Ann Kreilkamp's editorial "Frozen Feelings on the Dark Side of the Moon" in which she ponders whether the journey for millions of baby-boomer women past menstruation and into crone can open up the "dark side of the moon" -- namely, the compassion to bring the world past war and terror into a new understanding of peace and justice.

Reaching across the gap — or even the gulf — between generations, authors Barbara Lewis, Ann Rarich and Carlotta Tyler describe how they found awareness and strength in "An Open Letter to Our Daughters." After many years at the forefront of feminism, they reflect on how the experience of their daughters differs (and sometimes, echoes) their own. Bridging a different kind of gap, Gwen Morgan-Jones writes of her experience as a member of both the Christian and Pagan religious communities in her article "Consider Yourself a Priestess."

Answering "Yes, I can!" to this call for transformation, is Deena Metzger, author of "Writing for Your Life." In Sandra Hyde’s interview "Four Corners Make a Year: A Ritual Process Towards Becoming Sixty", Deena describes the year-long conscious ritual process which she undertook to welcome her sixth decade.

A very different type of ritual — one that ended with the author incarcerated on charges of arson — is described in Charmain's soul-searing article "Fires of My Freedom" in which a stressed-out mother takes extreme measures to respond to her family's needs. She describes her descent into disintegration — and emergence back into the world — with grace, dignity, and a sense of responsibility rare in personal writing.

The descent into the unknown and the return to Light are the subjects of three more personal articles: "Spiritual Emergence" by Lynne Namka, "Moving through Midlife" by Kiki Suarez, and Carol Rosin's continuing story (which began in issue 38) of her journey into the belly of the military-industrial complex "Burning in the Belly."

The issue ends with more short vignettes of turning points in our lives as croning women including "Re-Empowering the Feminine" by Jo Nell Lumbard, "Activating the Collective Crone" by Chenue Colton Gill, "Moon Lodge Visions" by Neva Howell, "Sounding a Painless World Birth" by Mary Sainte-Marie, and stories of cronings, birth, death, a crystal healing, and the incomparable Jean Mountaingrove taking on a haunting spectre -- and defeating it -- in "Here Comes the Bag Lady."

Stories of defeat turning into victory, despair into triumph, this gutsy, robust issue of Crone Chronicles will bring out the fighter in us all. 72 pages, edited and published by Ann Kreilkamp in Spring of 1997.

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