Crone Chronicles #17(original)


Relationships and the Crone

This issue focuses on relationships — mostly between people, but sometimes with different aspects of ourselves. We begin with “The Croning of Melody Lenker” the story of how one woman came to grips with her own ageist attitudes by joyfully embracing her 50th birthday with her friends.

Next up is “See me in anything” an interview with artist Bonnie Runyon, about how her art helps her deal with her conflicted relationship with her adult daughter. In her powerful article “Surrender or Die!” Diana Vilas shares how her relationship with her body has changed over her lifetime.

On a lighter note, Lindy High reveals the magic of her sewing circle sisterhood in “Stiches in Time.” Rebecca Osborn’s poignant meditation on the mother/daughter bond “Mother, O Mother” is followed by Editor Ann Kreilkamp’s musings on the relationship between herself and her inner voice. This short (40 pages) but packed issue was published in the Autumn of 1993.

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