PanGaia #49
Money Magick


PanGaia #49 - Money Magick
"Raven Grimassi — Pursuing the Path of the Ancients." A practitioner and teacher of Witchcraft for over thirty years, Raven Grimassi is an initiate of several Witchcraft traditions and the Directing Elder of the Arician Tradition, a system of Italian Witchcraft. His greatest interest lies in the subjects of Italian and Hereditary Witchcraft, and the works of Charles Leland. Our interview with Raven concentrates on one of his favorite subjects: the history (and future) of the Craft.

Our theme of "Money Magick" could hardly be more timely, and we've strived to not only cover the subject of money magick in general, but give you information you can really use! We begin with Lisa McSherry's "The Alchemy of Abundance: Practical Money Magick", then touch on Pagan Business ("Pagan Business Models 101" and "Metaphysical Marketing for Beginners") then move into workplace magick ("Workin' for a Livin') with a sidetrip to the philosophical side with "In Defense of Money Magick" and "Why the Goddess Loves Piggy Banks."

Finally, for those of you who want the real scoop on high-powered spellwork and ritual to get the prosperity gods moving *now*, there's Kenaz Filan's "Voudou Money Magick for When It Really Counts." Altogether, it's a veritable money-centric book of shadows, all in one place. Plus the winner of the Pagan Short Fiction Award for 2008 "A Valkyrie Among Jews" and columns on the power of conflict, supporting our elders, money magick for kids, and a roisterous Toe-to-Toe debate on the benefits (or lack thereof) of Pagan Standard Time.

80 pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released July 2008

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