PanGaia #48
Facing the Future


PanGaia #48 - Facing the Future
Path of the Green Druid - an interview with John Michael Greer. Archdruid Greer believes that peak oil, climate change, and industrial collapse will bring the end of life as we know it. He also thinks that the upcoming time of change is a great opportunity for Paganism to come to the fore as the spirituality of the future. Plus a Pagan primer on peak oil, climate change for everyone (what we can do) and a contrarian view: "Why We Love the Apocalypse: Religious Roots of Peak Oil Doomerism" by permaculture activist and author Rob Hemenway. Plus R. J. Stewart on Atlantis; Judy Harrow on healing the wounds of PTSD; Kenaz Filan on Candle Magic, Joanna Powell Colbert on the Chariot card in Tarot; Archer on the magic of horns and a new column on Family Magic by Ashleen O'Gaea.

80 pages, edited by Elizabeth Barrette, released January 2008.

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