PanGaia #47
The Hidden World of Dreams


PanGaia #47 - The Hidden World of Dreams
For over forty years, our cover subject Oberon Zell Ravenheart has been a groundbreaking Pagan leader. He co-founded the Church of All Worlds, edited and published the legendary Pagan magazine Green Egg and founded the Grey School of Wizardry. Find out what he's been up to lately, and where he thinks Paganism is going next ...

Also in this issue are a selection of articles on the Magick of Dreams, including "Dreamweavings: Craft Your Own Magical Talismans," "Living in Dreamtime: Traditions of Native Australia," "Introduction to Lucid Dreaming," and "Learning to Dreamwalk."

Plus our Toe-to-Toe debate: "Should Pagans Build Churches?", a visit to the the Sacred Landscape of Glastonbury, a magickal tale of garden faeries; R J Stewart on the 19th century Fae ritual drama "The Immortal Hour," Joanna Powell Colbert on the card "The Lovers," cautionary warning signs of spiritual obsession by Wiccan pastoral counselor Judy Harrow; Kenaz Filan on why lying is so destructive to magick; and lore mistress Archer on the Magic of Wings. A rich, 80-page issue originally published in Autumn of 2007.

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