PanGaia #44
Pagan Ritual


PanGaia #44 - Pagan Ritual
We need rituals. We need ways to mark the milestones of life, all the important changes that make up our journey. In this classic issue of PanGaia, we feature articles which delve into the rituals of Paganism, both ancient and contemporary.

Our cover story “Gifts to the Gods” investigates the topic of Pagan sacrifice in the ancient world while “Sun Dance” is a detailed look at this traditional Native American ceremony. There’s also ideas for lovespells, instructions on building a outdoor altar, a ritual for a “dumb supper” (to commune with our beloved dead,) a detailed look at Canaanite traditions, an encounter with Pan, a discussion of teaching underage Pagans plus MUCH more.

Let our authors sweep you away to far-flung worlds and inspire you to re-invigorate your ritual practice. 80 pages, originally published in summer of 2006.

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