PanGaia #43
Pagans & the Land


PanGaia #43 - Pagans and the Land
It's supposed to be an Earth Religion, isn't it? Much of modern Pagan spirituality is all about reverence for Nature. But how does what we say we believe influence how we actually live? Are Pagans more eco-friendly than others? Wrestling with that question may be one of the most important contributions we Pagans can make to the future of life on Earth.

This 80 page issue from the Spring of 2008 includes a rich compendium of articles that address the Pagan relationship to the environment. Voudoisant and writer Kenaz Filan on dealing with catastrophic Earth changes (where was the Goddess when Katrina hit New Orleans?); Pagan living in a seemingly hostile environment; Arch-druid John Michael Greer on moving beyond the Gaia hypothesis to truly sustainable Pagan living; Australian and eco-philosopher Dr. Douglas Ezzy on deep animism; wolf biologist Dr. Christina Eisenberg on the Rewilding of North America; and Pagan science fiction by C. S. MacCath, M. Turville Heitz, and Brian K. Lowe.

To sum up, editor Elizabeth Barrette offers advice on "What Can I Do?" Moving from Anxiety to Action in Eco-Paganism," in Toe-to-Toe, our readers debate whether Pagans should try to find a Pagan paradise (some detractors posit that idea as a "Pagan ghetto"); Judy Harrow talks about the psychological vulnerabilities of High Priest/esses; and Archer offers observations on the mythology of the Celtic jewelry item par excellence -- the Torc.

80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Winter 2006.

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