PanGaia #29
Pagan Traditions


PanGaia #29 - Pagan Traditions
Finding Ella: A Witch Goes in Search of Her Family Heritage · I Could a Tale Unfold: The Lively Tradition of Contemporary Storytelling · Traditions of the Land: Laying My Brother to Rest in the Igbo Way · Cutting the Cord: When You Must Withdraw Life Support · A World of Faeries: The Magic of Brian Froud · Spiritual Skin · The Science & Magic of Water · Reunited: Pagan Fiction by James Patrick Updike · Golden Gone: Pagan Fiction by Phoebe Wray · Underworld Perspective: Fairies, Nature Spirits, and Elementals · Words and Wheels: Samhain - The Point Between · Goddess Journeys: Epiphany · Deep Time Medicine: Remembering the Ancestral Forest · The Gospel According to Gaia: An Open Letter to Jim Wallis · Gaian Gardening: For All My Relations · The Last Word: Animism: The Really Old-Time Religion · Ask Your Mama · Rental Goddess · 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Autumn 2001.

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