PanGaia #28
Who Are the Modern Gods?


PanGaia #28 - Who Are the Modern Gods?
How to Become a Goddess: Towards a General Field Theory of Deification • Robin Hood: Rebel With an Eternal Cause • The King is Dead, Long Live the King: The Hidden Dangers of Celebrity Veneration • New Threads for Old: Speculative Fiction as Modern Myth • On Tomorrow's Ocean: Gaian Themes in Science Fiction • Barbie: Our Lady of Perpetual Consumption • Didgerido: The Sound of the Earth • Sweat it Out: Enduring Sweatlodges • The Science & Magic of Fire • Faith: Pagan Fiction by C.J. St. Michael • Underworld Perspective: Into the Underworld • Magick in the Third Dimension: Reclaiming the Tribe • Goddess Journeys: Tuning Into Earth Energies • Deep Time Medicine: Dams and Floods • Gaian Gardening: The Dooryard Garden • The Last Word: God is a Bird in a Toaster • Ask Your Mama • Rental Goddess • 80 illustrated pages. Edited by Elizabeth Barrette. Summer 2001.

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