The Complete Bee (#1-32) 8-Years


A Pagan Family Newsletter. The Complete Set of 32 Issues.
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Year One (Issues#1-4) Breast-feeding Ritual, Challenges of Pagan Parenting, Becoming Demeter, Snake Goddess / Halloween vs. Samhain, Ritual for New Parents, Pumpkin of Wisdom, Demeter & Kore / Stalking the Wild Yule Tree, Grand-mothering, Candlelight Ceremony for Family Harmony / Egg Shrine, Festival Survival Guide for Pagan Parents, Daughter’s First Moon Celebration.

Year Two (Issues #5-8) Starting a Family Tradition, Wiccan Birthday Party, Return of Moontime ritual, Isis & Horus / Leaf Learning, Have a Fairy Party, Place of Power Meditation, Seasonal Wreaths, Womb-Loss Ritual, Kali / Alternative Yule Trees, New Year Shrine, Weaning Ceremony, Ear Candling, The Give Away, Kwan Yin / Pagan Festival Communities, Grandchild Blessing Ritual, Magical Spring Cleaning, Teen Witches, Oshun.

Year Three (Issues #9-12) Girl Scouts & the Goddess, Homeschooling Styles, Gaia, Creating a Spiritual Birth, Part I / Creating a Spiritual Birth, Part II, Ancestor Tarot, Violence-Proof Your Kids, Pagan Students / Creating Pagan Community, Day for Magical Children, Winter Activities, Raising a Wiccan Child / Starting an Interfaith Family, Community Rituals, Blessingway Ceremony for Placenta.

Year Four (Issues #13-16) The Heartbeat Place, Parenting the Indigo Child, Menopausal Dream Journey, Gather Around the Campfire / Finding Center of Bliss, Mrs. Hinkle & the Blue-Nosed Witch, Teen Lunar Ritual, Children & the Cauldron / Simple Yule, My Wild Child, The Tale of Imbolc, The One-Antlered Deer, Ever & Always, Holiday Reading / Spells for Desperate Parents, Tree of Life, Sweet 16, Pagan Teen/Non-Pagan Home, Enchanting Spring.

Year Five (Issues #17-20) Miracles & Beauty, Talking About War, Songs We Carry, Child of Sea, Misty Moon, Home of Goddess / The Simple Stones, Transitions of the Soul, Boundaries, Honoring Ancestors at Samhain / Making Space, Encouraging Children’s Magic, Using Nature’s Heat in Your Home, Learning about Yule, Imbolc / Bird’s Nest, Do’s & Don’ts for Young Witch, Strong as Tree, Humanity in Night Sky, Wheel of Year Family Projects.

Year Six (Issues #21-24) Listening to Fairies, Many Paths, Chanting with Children, Healing by the Sea, Ecstatic Dance, Food They Left Behind / Makes a Momma Proud, Magic of Autumn, Kindling Sacred Fire, Bring Kids to Altar, Faith of our Fathers / Finding Perspective, Grandma Taught Me to Pray, Exploring Tarot, Nesting in Mailbox, Runes, Imbolc, Equinox / Magic in the Drum, Walking a Fertile Path, My Springtime Robin, Nursing from Heart Chakra, Seeing More.

Year Seven (Issues #25-28) Heart of Lammas, Sleepless Mother Shaman, Singing with Ancients, Praying with Gaia, Moment in Nature / Granny Cosby’s Table, Transitions Ritual, Being Raised Pagan, Blessings Teach Gratitude, Feeling Holidays / Live & Let Learn, Spirituality & Disability, Search for Spring, Successful Passage, Sisterhood Across Generations / Harmonizing with Life, Periwinkle Fairies, Stinging Nettle Teaches Why People Shop, Birth: Peace & Power.

Year Eight (Issues #29-32) Attending Pagan Festivals as a Family / Herbal Medicine Chest: Yarrow for Fevers / Make God's Eyes with Kids / “John Barleycorn” Song / Earth Mother Stories "Wheels of Life" / Runes for Healing / A Family Lughnasadh Ritual / Sabbat Activities for Lammas & Mabon / Choosing a Magickal Name / The Beauty of Home / The Magic of Being Seven / Avoiding the Holiday “Gimmies” / Cooling Comfrey / Fantasy Pirate Crafts / A Weaning Ceremony / Teen Magick / Rune Crafts for Kids / the Holly King and Ivy King / Discovering Yuletide · Birth is a Force that Gives Us Meaning · Nourishing Nettle / Homemade Root Beer / the Story of CuCuhulain / Doula Wisdom / Umbilical Cord Ceremony / Wisdom of Corn Mother / Sunny Calendula / The Story of Lugh / Learning to Love Words / Celebrate Menarche / Our Samhain Altar. 128 pages, published in 2006-2007.

1024 illustrated pages.

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