SageWoman #70


SageWoman #70 - Harmony

It's difficult to keep your balance if the waves, the wind, and even the sand under your feet are shifting all the time. The only way I know how to keep my feet under me is to consciously, continuously weave myself together with others, like spiders mending an enormous web." So writes editor Anne Newkirk Niven in introducing this, our third in a four-issue series on Goddess virtues.

This issue focuses on the quality of Harmony, and how we can find comfort in even the most trying of circumstances. This issue is full of inspirational stories: overcoming the grip of a paralyzing bout of depression; working with the loss of a marriage; discovering the healing power of intuition; and how gardening can restore the soul. Plus an extended visit with the Muses: the Greek goddesses of inspiration.

Plus herbalist Susun Weed on the amazing Astor family (includes sunflowers and dandelions), working with sexual energy in your midlife (aka Queen) years by Lunaea Weatherstone, the magical seeds of the !Kung (native people of the Kalahari desert), the magic of Isle Royale, rejuventating your life through song, spirit-mapping, understanding ancient (and current) matriarchies, and much more.

96 pages, published in the Summer of 2006.

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