SageWoman #71


SageWoman #71 - Joy

We begin with Joanna Powell Colbert's luminous reflection on finding joy through travel in her story about visiting the legendary vale of Avalon -- Glastonbury, England -- "Sacred Places Near and Far."

Then priestess and mystic Yeye Osunymi shares her experience with finding Osun (aka Oshun, Yoruba Goddess of Rivers, Love and Joy) in the most unlikely of places: the dry landscape of the desert southwest in "Discovering Osun's Joy."

Our bodies themselves can be a source of joy; after all, the Goddess had us incarnate into physical form, didn't She? Barbara Ardinger and A. Burke rejoice in the qualities of simple bodily luxury; Barbara through exploring "Breathing Every Day" and Ms. Burke taking on the simple joy of uncovered skin in "The Naked Truth."

How does the Divine communicate with us? Vila SpiderHawk shares the blessings of simple divine energy in even the most trying circumstances in her story "The Healing Power of Happiness" while Diana Paxson explores the lore, mysteries, and rituals of a little-known (but rapidly becoming more popular) Norse goddess "Idunna: Harvest of Joy."

If that didn't fill your heart with happiness, there's still more goodies: Kiva Rose on embodying bliss, Lunaea Weatherstone on the Queenly properties of the Moon, Love Magic with Elizabeth Cunningham, and a cleaning ritual for celebrating Candlemas (Brigid). Plus reviews, rituals, the Rattle and much more.

96 illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released winter of 2007.

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Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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