SageWoman #73
The Mother


SageWoman #73 -The Mother

Motherhood is more than pregnancy, birth, and lactation, as SageWoman expresses in our challenging issue on the Goddess as Mother. The many faces of mother that emerge in this issue include the bowhunter in Durga Bernhard's "The Gift of Artemis," the drumming dancers of Garlyn MaGinnis' "Welcoming Mother Drum," and the childfree activist of Mara Mitchell's "Mothering the Earth." Women grappling with the challenges of creating a family tell their stories in Patricia Ljutic's surprising "Mother Aphrodite" and Angela Peerman's moving account of infertility and its aftermath "Child of My Womb, Child of My Heart." Susan Slaviero questions the wisdom of misunderstanding the role of the archetypal mother in "Mother of Us All" while Diana Paxson probes the story of the Celtic Mare Mother -- the Goddess Rhiannon.

And don't miss our columns, including (but not limited to): Lunaea Weatherstone on releasing the role of motherhood; Loba on the mothering role of aunthood; Elizabeth Cunningham on the goddesshood of all mothers, whether good or bad, lots of reviews, and the continuation of controversy over SageWoman's editorial role in the goddess movement in a bonus-sized Rattle section.

96 illustrated pages, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven, released in Fall 2007.

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Available in either classic-paper or digital editions.

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