SageWoman #27 (rare)
Learning & Teaching


SageWoman #27
Learning & Teaching

The time is autumn, 1994, and the subject is "Learning and Teaching." SageWoman had just gotten her own office (hurray!) and our writers were full of creative thoughts on the subject of education. For SageWoman, "learning and teaching" was more than dry textbooks and boring lectures; in our womanly, embodied way, we shared how we find ourselves while we grow and share with others.

First we interview one of the best-known Goddess-women in our community: storyteller, author, herbalist and healer Susun Weed. Then it's on to Teri Karshner's reflections on how chaos can teach us in "Aftershocks: Lessons from the Northridge Earthquake" and Ann Pugh's lyrical expression of women's circles "Learning from the Grandmother's: A Wise Woman Nature Quest." Mary Huber takes an eye-opening trip to Kenya and shares her experience with us in "The Power of Women's Narratives." Embodied learning can be the deepest and most profoundly moving form of gaining wisdom, as related by Judith Kali Evador in "The Body as Teacher."

Further manifestations of ways to teach (and learn!) come from Paula Gerardi in "A Gift of Prayer", Lira Silbury in "Magical Insights in a College Classroom," and Barbara Lawing in "Building Community, Teaching Ourselves." Finally, we have reflections on the more mystical side of learning with Elizabeth Barrette's "Colors in the Wind" and Jenny Yates' "Dream Learning." Diana Paxson shares the glorious mysteries of the Germanic Goddess of love in "Frigga, the Beloved."

We also learn from our columnists: Jan Williams on the herbal magic of our namesake, the sage plant; DeAnna Alba on women's circles; Marline Haleff on getting to know Hecate; Lunaea Weatherstone on the joys of tea-time; plus rituals for a child's first day at school, to banish loneliness, and to invoke the Muse. Plus the Rattle, tons of reviews and much more.

72 illustrated pages, published by Anne Newkirk Niven in the fall of 1994.

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